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Sach's Story

Kathleen Sachiko Hughes was born on September 6, 1944 to Masayoshi and Margaret Watanabe in Heart Mountain, WY.  Heart Mountain was a relocation camp for west coast Japanese Americans following the Pearl Harbor attack.  Family members always called her “Sach.”  She grew up in La Puente, CA, graduated from La Puente High School in 1962, and graduated from UCLA (Go Bruins!) in 1966.  She married Tom Hughes but later divorced and remained single thereafter.


Sach taught elementary school in West Los Angeles for several years.  She moved to Florida when Tom was transferred for his work.  Their daughter, Alison, was born in Florida on May 21, 1973.  They moved to Huntington Beach where Sach worked as a bookkeeper for W&S Produce and then TruWest, a sports clothing manufacturer.  Sach kept busy with Alison’s activities and her bookkeeping job.


After retiring, Sach loved Bruin basketball and football, family events, Las Vegas gambling, live theater, cruising, her doggies, online shopping and watching YouTube videos.  She filled out her March Madness bracket every year!

After New Year’s 2021, Sach was admitted to Hoag Memorial Hospital.  She did not have Covid-19, but she had a serious bacterial pneumonia.  After multiple procedures she eventually succumbed to sepsis.  On January 20, Alison was able to speak to her Mom in the morning. Later that day, Karen, Gerry, Christine, Jason and even Daisy (her dog) were able to say their goodbyes before she passed away.


Family Tributes

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"My sister, Sach, had the tough role being the oldest of three daughters.  She led the way for me in school and I remember the teachers saying, 'Oh you're Kathy's sister.'  In our younger days, she would get a little 'bossy' at home, especially when playing games in our backyard. Thank goodness she calmed down as we grew older.  As an adult, Sach loved her mini suite on a cruise ship and she could always be found at the crap table in the ship's casino.  For many years,  Lloyd and I would take her to Las Vegas for her 'gambling fix.'  We'll miss her!"

- Gerry Simmons, sister


"Sach was fiercely independent.  She chose to 'do her own thing' throughout her life without ever appearing rebellious.  I admired her for her unusual ability to gather facts, not opinions.  I appreciated how thoughtful she was whenever I asked for her opinions.  I enjoyed celebrating Bruin victories with her, her delight at all things funny, her ups and downs at the roulette wheel, and her quirky love for Pepsi, See’s peanut crunch candy, and In ‘N Out.  Sach will always be with me."

- Karen Armour, sister

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"My cherished memories of Sach are the many cruises we have taken together, the family get togethers, plus the ample generosity she always showed us. I loved being in her company because she could laugh so easily and it was so contagious. I waited to hear her take on any given subject and was fortified when our opinions were the same since I respected her intelligence greatly. We shared a love for animals and so many other things too numerous to mention."

- Diana Abraham, friend

Guest Book

Guest Book

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"My mom loved happy music. We spent hours together in the car heading up to Mammoth Mountain jamming out to Michael Jackson and the Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack. Later, she took me to see Earth, Wind & Fire as well as Jersey Boys in Las Vegas. 

Every Christmas, from the moment we got the wrapping paper out to opening presents on Christmas morning, her beloved Johnny Mathis Christmas album was our family soundtrack.


My joy and passion for music definitely started with her. What a special gift."

- Alison, daughter


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